Environmental Management Policy - ReAvat | AI Avatar and Voice

ASC27 S.r.l. is vigilant in protecting the environment in all its activities. Administration is committed to operating in a way that ensures high environmental performance, taking into account the optimal economic and technical choices, the national and Community environmental legislation, as well as any related regulations.

In ASC27 S.r.l., we have established and apply an Environmental Management System. This system acts as the main stimulus to:

• continuous monitoring of the impact of the company’s activity on natural environment, as well as activating measures – primarily preventive and secondarily repressive ones,

• setting measurable targets and corresponding programs for the constant improvement of the company’s environmental performance,

• informing all involved parties – employees, suppliers, local community, companies in the same industry – of environmental issues, which cover the whole range of the company’s activities, aiming at assessing all relative environmental data.

The rational management of raw and other materials and energy, along with the regular recycling of the discarded materials, constitute major issues for the company.

In order to ensure the stable operation and effectiveness of the environmental management system, the company provides for:
a) regular briefings and training of its employees,
b) systematic reviews of its operations and
c) constant improvement of its environmental performance.

Our people’s vision is the highest possible contribution of the company to the sustainable development, as well as its recognition as one of the pioneers in protecting the environment.